As you may have noticed, my “Things I Love” series is a thinly veiled ploy to compile all the disparate and wholly unrelated things I find joy in on the daily into one blog post. From podcasts to products, DIY ideas and even quotes, it’s a whole lotta grab bag up in here.

The one unifying factor is gratitude. I’m grateful for each of these things, however small, and the moments of happiness they bring me. Maybe that’s a pretty...


At the beginning of January, I started a gratitude journal along with my daily to-do list. The act of writing out a few things I’m thankful for feels good. It reorients my mind to start the day in a positive mindset before jumping into all my obligations. The effect doesn’t always last much longer than my morning coffee, but I’m working on that.

These blog posts about things I love accomplish a similar result. And hopefully int...


I’m a firm believer that happiness is something you work at and cultivate through intentional choice. For me, happiness comes in part from finding and saving lists of products, ideas, and designs I love. Instead of keeping that list to myself, I figured I’d share it here. These are some of the things I’m loving right now.

Everyday Oil

If this oil came in a five-gallon bucket size, I’d be all over it. Morningtide, a lovely home a...

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