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Rachel Walker Youngblade

I'm a maker, writer and communications strategist living in Oakland, CA. Moonwalker Things is my creative outlet and a place to share my personal passions and what I've learned on my journey to small business ownership. What you'll find here: some making, a little bit of musing, and a lot of pictures. 



Handmade clay and fiber necklaces, earrings, incense holders and plant hangers inspired by space, plant life and natural patterns.



Things I Love: Metal Straws, Trendy House Plants, Cult-Following Spice Blends, Creative Inspiration

As you may have noticed, my “Things I Love” series is a thinly veiled ploy to compile all the disparate and wholly unrelated things I find joy in on the daily into one blog post. From podcasts to products, DIY ideas and even quotes, it’s a whole lotta grab bag up in here.

The one unifying factor is gratitude. I’m grateful for each of these things, however small, and the moments of happiness they bring me. Maybe that’s a pretty good theme after all?

Here are some things I’m loving this September.

Second Life Podcast

Hosted by Who What Wear blogger Hillary Kerr, the Second Life podcast interviews successful women entrepreneurs that have had a less-than-linear career path. As someone who loves learning and leaping into the unknown, hearing from these ladies makes me feel ready to take on new challenges and continue to explore where my next career steps might take me. My favorite part is Hillary’s last question for every guest: “Tell me about a time you failed big.” YES! I’m all about celebrating failure.

Creativity, Inc. Book

Pixar Co-Founder Ed Catmull shares insights from a lifetime of creative work and leadership to get to the core of what a company and its people need to keep creativity alive. I love his founding assumption to believe people are motivated to do the right thing and that you’re unknowingly blocking them in all kinds of ways. Start with that mindset, then go from there.

Chinese Money Plant

My friend and plant whisperer Jerome gifted me this beauty, grown from a cutting of his own Pilea Peperomioides (aka Chinese Money Plant). Which is fitting, as it’s often called the “pass-it-on plant.” It’s easy to propagate and can be hard to find in stores, so it’s often acquired from a friend, if you’re lucky enough to get one. This house plant is super trendy right now thanks to the bright, clean lines of the plant and how easy it is to care for (check out these tips from Apartment Therapy). It also looks great in photos, so I’m sure it’ll be making an appearance in some Moonwalker Things product shots more often.

The Assembly in SF

A beautiful coworking and co-working-out space in San Francisco set inside a remodeled church. Vibes galore, woman power exuding from every corner, and the few times I’ve been to meet a friend and attend a talk everyone has been super friendly and open to making new connections. Stop in for an event if you’re not looking for membership status just yet...but consider membership if you like the workout classes—they’re included in the monthly fee.

Pretty design details at The Assembly

Well-curated selection of goods from local makers for sale at The Assembly

Hanging plants in the locker room at The Assembly

Kristen Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray

I’ve been a Kristen Ess fan for a while now, thanks to the perfectly imperfect hairstyles she whips up for the likes of Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale and her relatable sense of humor and style. She partnered with Target on a line of hair care products earlier this year and I’m loving the Working Texture Spray as a more subtle, touchable alternative to sea salt spray.

Bossladies Magazine

Another one for lady entrepreneurs, Bossladies Magazine delivers the goods. Each issue is centered around one city, with unique interview subjects and insightful articles. Order a copy online, or if you’re in the Bay Area, grab one at one of my favorite magazine spots, the Heath Newsstand (adjacent to Heath Ceramics’ SF Showroom and Tartine Manufactory—drool) in the Mission.

An issue of Bossladies Magazine in its permanent home on the mantle above my bed

Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend from Trader Joe’s

Acquired at Trader Joe’s on a whim and a faint memory of my friend Morgan’s Instagram story featuring it, this spice blend is a do-it-all winner. You can sprinkle it on pretty much anything to bring out flavor, like toast with avocado or cream cheese. I shared this on Instagram and was shocked at the number of messages I got raving about the amazingness of the Everything But The Bagel spice. Apparently it’s got quite the cult following.

Metal Straw Kit from Only One Earth

As we move toward a world without plastic straws (hallelujah!), alternatives are cropping up that let us beverage aficionados have our iced lattes and still gulp them by straw too. I picked up a rainbow-colored metallic straw kit by Only One Earth—a sustainable-focused, women-run Denver company—last time I was in Colorado and I’ve been using it almost daily since. Two straws (a big and a little) come in a carrying case with a straw cleaner so you can lug it around in your purse. It’s a small thing, but bringing my own cup and straw instead of getting disposable ones makes me feel like I’m doing something to help minimize my impact on Mother Earth.

Anything rainbow-colored is more fun

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