Rachel Walker Youngblade

I'm a maker, writer and communications strategist living in Oakland, CA. Moonwalker Things is my creative outlet and a place to share my personal passions and what I've learned on my journey to small business ownership. What you'll find here: some making, a little bit of musing, and a lot of pictures. 



Handmade clay and fiber necklaces, earrings, incense holders and plant hangers inspired by space, plant life and natural patterns.



Laurel Makers Market Recap

Last weekend I participated in the Laurel Makers Market, a small craft fair in my own Oakland neighborhood, the Laurel District. I really love being able to support the neighborhood I live in and hopefully encourage local spending and growth. It was so fun to see friends and meet new people, and I got some awesome (and helpful!) feedback on my new necklace, earring and ceramic designs. Lots of folks were really interested in the ceramic knots I’ve been experimenting with, so I’m planning to make some more of those.

I’d love to sell at this market a few more times this year. It will be a monthly event, with a rotation of vendors, with a selection of about 25 local makers featured each month on the third Saturday until October. Follow @laurelmakersmarket on Instagram to see what vendors will be there each month.

My both at the Laurel Makers Market. Realizing I need to work on my picture pose...

Necklaces, earrings, and my coffee-loving husband.

Drop earrings, studs and necklaces.

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