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I'm a maker, writer and communications strategist living in Oakland, CA. Moonwalker Things is my creative outlet and a place to share my personal passions and what I've learned on my journey to small business ownership. What you'll find here: some making, a little bit of musing, and a lot of pictures. 



Handmade clay and fiber necklaces, earrings, incense holders and plant hangers inspired by space, plant life and natural patterns.



Moon Dishes Phase Into The Shop

Guess what? I still love moons! Didn’t see that coming, did you? I kid, I kid. My moon obsession is not waning anytime soon. Get it - waning? Alright, I’ll stop with the moon jokes and instead show you some new ring dishes I just added to my shop featuring hand-painted moon shapes.

These little guys were fun to make. An incredibly specific task that I found I really enjoy is hand drawing circles. Weird, right? There’s something about nailing an almost perfect circle freehand that makes me want to high five myself.

I’ve also been working on perfecting my product photography. I dare not say it’s ~perfect~ yet, but there’s a giant leap of improvement noticeable from my first attempts. I had WAY too much going on in some of my earlier photos, with distracting backgrounds and not optimal lighting and editing. As the old adage goes, KISS (keep it simple, stupid). There’s no improvement without practice though, right?

Here’s a look at the makeshift photo setup I have in my home studio. It works really well actually, thanks to the stellar natural light coming in from the windows on three sides of the room.

More moon-themed ceramics are for sure in my future.

Moonwalker Things photography in my home studio

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