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Handmade clay and fiber necklaces, earrings, incense holders and plant hangers inspired by space, plant life and natural patterns.



4 Desert Homes to Drool Over on Instagram

Cacti, dusty colors, sandy sunsets, and cozy vibes...I can practically feel the desert heat when scrolling through the Instagram accounts of these dwellings for rent in Joshua Tree. I’ve noticed an influx of Instagram accounts dedicated to homes renovated by bloggers and listed on Airbnb. A few of these curated homes have caught my eye for the perfectly comfortable-while-minimal aesthetic created by each of their owners.

The color palettes and textures are spot-on inspiration for new Moonwalker Things, so it is high on my travel wishlist to actually stay in one of these homes.

In the meantime, I will be over here shamelessly liking every single photo shared from these accounts.

The Joshua Tree House

One of the more well-known abodes with blogger parents, the Joshua Tree House is a beaut, no two ways about it. Gorgeous Moroccan rugs, potted cacti of all variety, and a lot of natural wood furniture and finishings make my eyes happy. The couple also designed a new work(out) space in SF called The Assembly that I’ve got an itch to go see.

Click through to their site to check out the other two properties for rent, equally desert mod.

Photo via The Joshua Tree House on Instagram

The Harriet House Joshua Tree

I started following this home as it was nearing the end of renovations. It’s fresh on the market for bookings and looking like a boho dream. There’s a macrame chandelier by everyone’s favorite plant lady Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow (yes, she’s got a home line!), a nap-inducing daybed, and lots of shibori and indigo.

Photo via The Harriet House Joshua Tree on Instagram

Dome in the Desert

Geodesic domes have a miraculous way of feeling open and airy despite their small stature. This little silver fireplace is a nice alternative to traditional black, and I spotted a few furniture pieces we share: a leather butterfly chair and Ikea Marius stool. We have at least three of the Marius in use as stools, side tables, and plant stands. Good old Ikea!

I love the night sky pics this account shares. The home looks perfectly secluded and peaceful.

Photo via Dome in the Desert on Instagram

Casa Joshua Tree

Home to a watercolor artist, this space feels possibly the coziest of the three, as the owner lives there part time. I love seeing bits of her life and desert landscapes mixed in with shots of the interior. The bright whiteness of the space contrasts nicely with her art on display.

Photo via Casa Joshua Tree on Instagram

Next up: more desert-inspired hues in my ceramics and fiber jewelry.

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