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I'm a maker, writer and communications strategist living in Oakland, CA. Moonwalker Things is my creative outlet and a place to share my personal passions and what I've learned on my journey to small business ownership. What you'll find here: some making, a little bit of musing, and a lot of pictures. 



Handmade clay and fiber necklaces, earrings, incense holders and plant hangers inspired by space, plant life and natural patterns.



Flowerland Sundaze

Plants seem to have a magical ability to make me happy. They ooze good vibes and give me endless inspiration with their limitless combinations of colors, patterns, and shapes.

I'm always on the looking for nurseries and plant stores that not only have a great selection and knowledgeable staff but are also just beautiful to wander through. Flowerland in the Berkeley area does not disappoint.

Plant nursery stroll

We stopped by on Sunday with a mission: to find a large-ish potted plant for our shaded balcony that would add some serious chill vibes to the existing plant situation. Tom was nice enough to answer all of my questions and guided us to a beautiful, soft, leafy palm that led our cashier to say "oh, I could just take a nap under this palm." Mission accomplished.

Bright succulent plant basket

Beyond the plants, Flowerland also has an adorable airstream trailer parked amongst the greenery that serves up Highwire coffee and tea. Highwire's masala chai is one of my favorites (it's got that spicy sweet balance dialed) and a perfect companion for browsing aisles of pretty flowers. A curated selection of candles, perfumes, jewelry, and small home goods was a nice surprise, too.

Succulent wreath on blue wall

To top it all off, I am pretty thrilled with the quality of photos our new Fujifilm XT20 captured. My husband and I have been taking it around with us to see how it performs in different situations and lighting and, I gotta say, it's doing a might fine job even set on auto.

Shaded green trail

Whether I get my plant fix from a nursery, a hike, or just walking around our neighborhood (where I snapped this pic of a wall of pretty pink blooms), no weekend is complete without a bit of plant action. Flowerland, I'll be back...

Pink flowers in bloom

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