Moonwalker Things is an exercise in creative expression, begun in 2016. Jewelry and home decor items are made by hand out of kiln-fired and polymer clay, mixing organic colors and textures with modern, geometric shapes. Each item is unique and inspired by the craziness of space, the beauty of plant life, and patterns found in nature. And moons. I’ve got a thing for moons.


My designs are influenced by the philosophy of wabi-sabi. Each piece is a reminder that imperfections are more than OK -- they’re the most interesting part.

Through Moonwalker Things, I hope to curate appreciation for handcrafted goods and bring joy to people's lives through small, thoughtful additions to their home and personal style.

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Hi! I’m Rachel Walker Youngblade, an artist and designer living in Oakland, California. I grew up on the East Coast and realized my inner West Coast self at 27, moving to San Francisco for a job in tech communications. My prior background is in travel and hospitality communications, and my MBA focused on marketing. I'm also into writing and content strategy. 


My first published work was a drawing of Christopher Columbus sailing the Niña, Pinta and Santa María to the New World in an edition of Highlights magazine that I’m pretty sure my mom still has framed. Since then, I have polished my drawing skills a bit and begun working with clay, ceramics, and fiber.


I hope to build a life of endless creative exploration. I will take any class with anyone who needs a partner through the unknown. Salsa dancing? Check. Archery? Check. Astrology, watercolors, floral arranging? Check, check, check.


I believe in starting somewhere instead of waiting for perfection, celebrating the creative work of other artists, and being kind above all else.

See more of my work on my personal website and LinkedIn. Contact me at hellomoonwalkerthings@gmail.com.